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2012 LDC Election address by Mark Prenter

Photo of Mark Prenter

My name is Mark Prenter and I would like to ask for your support in the forthcoming LDC election, to continue to represent you the membership.

Over the course of my current term of office I have continually represented Waterloo. Standing up for your terms and conditions, taking any issue forward to management to seek an acceptable resolution to the issues. I have attended staff reps stage 1 to better equip myself, with the skills needed to, be an effective staff rep. If re-elected I shall continue to enhance my skills, by enrolling onto staff reps stage 2 course, which due to not being supported by SWT will be attended in my own time.

Over the period covering the next term of office, we face many challenges due to the current pay deal. With the 4 day week, rostering will be a challenge. Not only compiling a DRI compliant roster but also producing a roster that meets the aspirations of the depot as a whole. With the added complexities this brings, as an LDC rep that is experienced in rostering and is fully aware of the problems that will arise in the coming months ahead, my experience in such matters should count as an important factor. During my time in office I have represented drivers in SMD, Form 1's, MFA, Removal from driving hearings and Flexible working. Also attending Fail to agree meetings at Friars Bridge.

For a rep who stands for honesty, integrity and a rep who is committed to stay and do their best for Waterloo.