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With deep regret we report the passing of retired Waterloo driver and ASLEF representative Len Holloway.

The service is to be held at the Grove Park Cemetery on Friday 17th January at 11:00.

After the service, refreshments will be served at the Railway Telegraph Pub, 112 Stansted Road, Forest Hill, London SE23 1BS.
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It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Strawberry Hill driver Mark Hutchins.
Many of us knew Mark by the nickname Butch.

The service will be held at Hanworth crematorium on the 28th January 2020, at 14:00 hours.
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A notice has been issued regarding unsafe conditions on the raised walkway between the Reception and Shunting Neck that we know as Poole Sidings.

The notice was issued by Weymouth Health and Saftey on the 4th of February 2020.
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Lee Ripley photo

It is with deep regret we announce the passing of Waterloo Driver Lee Ripley.

The service will be held on :
Thursday the 20th of February 2020 at 12.00,
Thamesview Crematorium,
Gravesend Road,

Refreshments follow at :
Redlibbets Golf Club,
Manor Lane,

Our thoughts are with Lee's family at this tragic time.

So transport can be arranged, if you plan to attend please let the Waterloo Drivers LDC know by emailing

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As of the 6th of February 2020, and after minor remedial work, Poole sidings raised walkway has been passed fit for use as a walking route when berthing class 444/450 units (5/4 car formations ONLY and exiting via the LONDON end cab door) when NOT going beyond the 5 car mark and wholly accommodated on the waikway DURING THE HOURS OF DAYLIGHT ONLY as the lighting continues to be inadequate and not fit for purpose, also the country end of the walkway is in need of repair and is not fit for use.

ANY OTHER FORMATION requiring to be berthed in the sidings MUST HAVE A COMPETENT PERSON in the London end cab to ensure that the rear of the train is within 15 metres of the London end walkway steps. If a competent person is not provided then berthing should not be carried out. In ALL cases train crew must alight via the London end cab door after walking through the train.


These conditions will be reviewed in 7 days to ascertain whether the remedial work required has been carried out.
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For those that don't know, the normal method of applying for Ad-Hoc leave is suspended for specified days over the Christmas and New Year period and replaced by a draw.

Anyone that wishes Ad-Hoc for the following dates ...
... Must submit an Ad-Hoc leave draw form to Waterloo LDC no later than the 1st of May 2020.

The draw will be carried out WC 04.05.2020 by the Waterloo LDC.

All applicants for each day will have their names put into a container, then drawn randomly one by one. The first person drawn for a particular day will be given number 1, second person 2 etc... until all applicants have been drawn. The full list will then be given to CRO. Those within the depot quota will get leave. If the CRO can grant leave over the depot quota, this will be done in strict draw order. Anyone applying for ad-hoc after the draw deadline will be added to the bottom of the list in the order received.

The result of the draw will be posted in the members area. If you want to apply, go see the LDC and get a form. The LDC are currently located in the office usually used by the Head of Drivers.

You can download the draw form to print off here as an Adobe Acrobat PDF.

If you prefer, you can download as a MS word DOC file.
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