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Waterloo Nine Elms Branch uses cookies in its member area.

If you use the private members area of our site, various cookies will be stored on your device. These are essential for navigation and member preferences. If you have disabled cookies, you won't get in.

We don't use 3rd party tracking cookies, nor share information with anyone else.
By using the the members' area, you are consenting to our use of cookies.


Waterloo Nine Elms Branch no longer sets cookies on any of its public pages.

A cookie may have been stored on your device if you visited the site prior to the 3rd of May 2019.
This was used to provide the site admin with a (highly inaccurate) unique hit counter, but this was dropped around 2012 because life is just too short!!!

A second cookie was tested in order to save a visitors preference to opt into cookies, but the idea was quickly dropped when it was discovered the cookie we set was redundant.

The cookie set mechanism was finally withdrawn from service midday on the 3rd of May 2019.

WNE cookie status on this device only (public pages):
9Elma Not Set Unique hit counter
9Elmb Not Set Cookie opt in preference (only used under test)

No WNE public area cookies are stored on this device.

To learn about cookies, read the wikipedia article by clicking here
You can also read about EU cookie law if you want..