Schedule Card Abbreviations
Last updated : 22/07/2018 at 18:54:07
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There are 130 diagram abbreviations on this page which is made up from two seperate lists.
Many of the codes are probably not applicable to us but left in just in case they appear one day.
This list is non exhaustive.
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#Reallocation (GEMINI) PATCPortion Attached Trip Circuits?
ABAttach and Berth PBPrepare from Berth
ABDBAttach and Berth then Detach and Berth. PBTCPrepare from berth then Trip Circuits
AFPAttach front portion to rear portion PBTCFPrepare from berth then Trip Circuits Front
APAttach Portion PBTCRPrepare from berth then Trip Circuits Rear
AP/PAAttach portion then Portion is attached PCPrepare Circuits
AP/PUAttach Portion & Prepare Unit PC/DTPrepare Unit? (above sole bar) / Door Test
APDPAttach Portion then Detach Portion PCAPPrepare Circuits then Attach Portion
APPAAttach Portion then Portion is Attached PCDPPrepare Circuits then Detach Portion
APPCAttach Portion / Prepare Circuits PCDTCPrepare Circuits Detach / Trip Circuits
APPDAttach Portion then Portion is Detached PCPAPrepare Circuits then portion is attached
APTCAttach Portion & Trip Circuits PCTCPrepare Circuits and Trip Circuits
APTCFAttach Portion & Trip Circuits Front PDPortion detached by another driver
APTCRAttach Portion & Trip Circuits Rear PDFPortion detached at Front
ASSTAssist as required PDRPortion detached at Rear
ATTACHAttach PDAPPortion Detached and Attach Portion
ATTTTAttach (Through Train) PDPAPortion Detached and Portion Attached
BBerth PDTCPortion Detached then Trip Circuits
BRTS Berth and Secure PILTDPiloted
BUSBus PNB Physical Needs Break
BPBombardier Prep PP Partial Prep
CABTravel in front cab (route knowledge) PT/APPrepare Train then Attach Portion
CETChemical Emission Toilet PTDTPrepare Train and Door Test
CONDTRoute Conduct PUPrepare Unit (from berth)
CSCoach Shunt PU(D)Prepare unit for DOO operation
DDetach PU/APPrepare unit then attach portion
DBDetach and Berth PUAPPrepare Unit & Attach Portion
DBFPDetach and berth Front portion PUTCPrepare unit from berth / Trip Circuits
DBSDetach and berth both portions RARelieved at
DETDetach RABRelieve Attach and Berth
DETACHDetach RCRoute Conduct
DETTTDetach (Through Train) REFRSHRoute refresh in Cab
DFPDetach Front Portion REL Relieve
DFPTCDetach Front Portion & Trip Circuits RELD Relieved
DOODriver Only Operation RFRelieve Front after portion attached
DPDetach Portion RPRear Portion
DP/SUDetach Portion and Secure Unit RPDRear Portion Detached
DPFDetach Portion at Front RSE/SShunting per Depot Engineer's requirements
DPR Detach Portion at rear RTCRelieve Trip Circuits
DPPCDetach Portion and Prepare Circuits RWRelieve and Work
DPTC Detach portion and & Trip Circuits RWAPRelieve and Work / Attach Portion
DRPDetach Rear Portion RWFPRelieve and Work Front Portion
DRPTCDetach Rear Portion & Trip Circuits RWMPRelieve and Work Middle Portion
DTCFPDetach and Trip Circuit Front Portion RWPDRelieve and Work Portion Detached
DTCMPDetach Trip Circuit Middle Portion RWRPRelieve and Work Rear Portion
DTCRPDetach and Trip Circuit rear portion SCStaff Car
DTCSDetach and Trip Circuits on all portions SHUNTShunt
DWDetach & Work SPARESpare
DWFP Detach and work front portion SRLShunt to release locomotive
DWMP Detach and work middle portion STABLDStabled
DWRP Detach and work rear portion STDBY Standby
ECSEmpty Coaching Stock TAXI Taxi
FPFront Portion TCTrip Circuits
FPDFront Portion Detached TCFTrip Circuits Front Portion
FUELFuel TCFDPTrip Circuits Front & Detach Portion
HIREUnit on Hire TCFPTrip Circuits Front Portion
MPMiddle Portion TCMPTrip Circuits Middle Portion
NOTENote for information purposes TCRTrip Circuits Rear portion
PAPortion attached by another driver TCRPTrip Circuits Rear portion
PAFPortion Attached at Front TD Train Disposed by another Driver
PAPDPortion Attached & Portion Detached TPTrain Prepared
PARPortion Attached at Rear TESTTest Unit
PARFPortion Attached / Relieve Front TRNGTraining Unit
PASS Passenger ride WARWork as Required