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Updated : 05-Jul-2019

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The 2019 Nine Elms Enginemens' Reunion will be held at Sheffield Park Station, Bluebell Railway on Wednesday 14th August 2019 between 11.00 and 17.00.

The June 2019 driver vacancy list (posted on the 3rd of July) is now available to download.

Notes :
  1. Applications must be received by the 17th of July.
  2. Successful applicants list to be posted in members area on or after the 17th of July.

K. CAMPBELL-HILL (Line 30) vice Vacancy
C. JOSEPH (Line 36) vice Vacancy
A. BORCZON (Line 44) vice Vacancy

C. MOHAMED-MUSTAFA (Line 28) vice Vacancy
J. AGYAKWA (Line 3) vice C. JOSEPH
J. GUERREIRO (Line 25) vice A. BORCZON

We are happy to announce that rumours recently circulated concerning the demise of retired driver Julian Sheppard are entirely untrue. Shep is alive and kicking and visited his flock at the branch on Monday.
You will be pleased to hear he took the reports of his death in good spirits!

Shep at the branch