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Updated : 21-Feb-2018

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The election for the vacant two year co-opt position; and possibly the one year term, will take place at our next branch meeting which will be held on Monday 19th March.

Any member who wishes to be considered for the position/s and is unable to attend the meeting due to work or other commitments must make their application, in writing, to the Branch Secretary.

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N. BROWN vice VAC line 30
W. SULLIVAN vice VAC line 22
M. CURTIS vice VAC line 3
W. FRANCIS vice VAC line 19

Link 2

A. JAVED vice M. CURTIS line 23
J. REBOLLEDO vice W. FRANCIS line 16

Link 3

K. SANDERSON vice A. JAVED line 17
T. PORCZYZ vice VAC line 30

Link 4

E. DENIM vice S. YOUNGER line 25
J. D. WHITE vice K. SANDERSON line 8
N. KEELEY vice C. SPERTI-SAINZ line 21
D. PITT vice T. PORCZYZ line 6

Link 5

(V. Antony to replace M. Cleall-Harding)

The results of the SWR company council election is as follows :
S. Armour : 326
N. Cummins : 917
A. Davey : 807
M. Dye : 1072
A. Holloway : 216

N. Cummins, A. Davey and M. Dye are duly re-elected.

During their 21 September 2017 session, the Executive Committee gave consideration to a report from the Executive Committee member for District No.1 in respect of developments regarding the Waterloo Remodelling dispute.

In response to a recommendation from the Lead Officer and the Company Council, the current suspension of industrial action be extended for a further month until 23:59 on the 25th of November 2017 to facilitate meetings with Network Rail.

Nominations for the SWR CC positions which commence on January 1st 2018, will be considered at our next meeting that has been planned for Monday 2nd October.

In order for you to make your own informed choice, the five nomination addresses that the Branch Secretary received are provided below.

The five candidates are
Each branch can nominate up to three candidates.

Members are advised that nominations for the South Western Railway Company Council are now being sought for a three-year term of office commencing 1 January 2018.

Election of the nominees must be conducted at branch level. Each branch must advise Head Office of their successful candidate(s) by 10.00 hrs on Thursday 19 October 2017. If a normal branch meeting is not due to be held prior to that date, then a special branch meeting must be convened. However Waterloo Nine Elms branch has a normal branch meeting scheduled for the 2nd of October.

Only those branch members in the relevant constituency may participate in the election.

Following constructive discussions, the Company Council and the District Organiser have today advised that Network Rail have committed to work with our representatives and First Group to provide a long term solution to the signalling out of platforms 7 and 8. They have requested eightweeks grace to enable them to draft plans and source materials etc.

In the interests of good industrial relations, our representatives have agreed a safe system of work to operate in the interim period and the Executive Committee has therefore agreed that the industrial action taking place on Platforms 7 and 8 at Waterloo Station will be suspended for an eight-week period from 29 August 2017 until 02.00 hrs on Monday 23 October 2017.

The web address for "The Platform" has changed and the old site has been taken down but a new address has been provided :

Use your existing log in details.

Southeastern have produced four route learning videos into the Waterloo International terminal and put them on to YouTube. If you want a non computer generated graphics view prior to the August 'Blockade' click here.

The result of the ballot is as follows:
1,179 Papers sent out
702 Votes cast
583 Voted Yes
119 Voted No
No Spoilt papers

Section 226 (2B) of the Trade Union and Labour Relations Act applies to this ballot.
The number of votes cast in the ballot was at least 50% of the number of individuals voting in the ballot.
The number of individuals answering “Yes” is at least 40% of the number of individuals who were entitled to vote in the ballot.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As you may know Duncan Bird has given up the ASLEF Waterloo Nine Elms learning rep position, and transferred to Basingstoke Depot. We thank him for his dedication and contribution to the role.

I was elected as the new rep at May's branch meeting, held on Monday 15th May 2017.
If there are any learning issues you feel I can assist with, please do not hesitate to contact me. I may be able to put a session together or point you in the right direction.

I doubt I will know the answer immediately, but I will endeavour to find it as soon as possible, I myself have some learning to do with regards to the role.

I can be contacted using the email address below.

Fraternally Yours,

Daniel Rice.

From the 20th of August 2017, 'First MTR South Western Trains' will take over the franchise of the South Western railway.

To read the government announcement click here

To see what First group have promised clck here.

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