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Updated : 06-Oct-2018

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SWR have now installed a new SSL certificate for 'The Platform' and as a result any warnings you may have received over the last 8 days about the connection being insecure will now cease. SWR have purchased the certificate for a period of 2 years which is good, hopefully this means we are okay until the 26th of September 2020.

The result of the LDC election 2018 is as follows ;

Eligable to vote - 204
Papers returned - 119
Spoiled papers - 0
Terry Edwards - 103
Paul Oshomah - 25
Mark Prenter - 99

Terry Edwards and Mark Prenter will go through as the official ASLEF candidates for two positions of Waterloo drivers LDC commencing 1st January 2019.

We are happy to announce that rumours recently circulated concerning the demise of retired driver Julian Sheppard are entirely untrue. Shep is alive and kicking and visited his flock at the branch on Monday.
You will be pleased to hear he took the reports of his death in good spirits!

Shep at the branch

New rosters (P.A.) with effect from the 15th of July 2018 are now available to download. Starred freedays have been altered to 12.5% guaranteed, but this doesn't come into effect until a week later on the 22nd of July. For WC the 15th of July, use the old roster to see what is what (in regard to free days).

Click here for the rosters

Link 1

M. BAKER vice VAC line 21

Link 2

A. NDIAYE vice M. BAKER line 21

Link 3

D. SYMONDS vice VAC line 20
A. DAVENPORT vice VAC line 22
J. YOUNG-WALKER vice A. NDIAYE line 33

Link 4

J. HAYES vice D. SYMONDS line 20