Your local ASLEF Reps 2017
Waterloo LDC office
TEL: 020 7922 6154
FAX: 020 7902 3373
Waterloo LDC
Terry Edwards
07825 651163
Waterloo LDC
Mark Prenter
07973 570743
Waterloo LDC
Dave Johnson
Waterloo LDC
Tony Holloway
07977 449192
Waterloo LDC co-opt
Ian Spencer
Waterloo LDC co-opt
Jon Supple
Waterloo H & S
Tim Castro
Waterloo H & S co-opt
Jon Supple
Clapham Yard LDC
Victor Martin
Clapham Yard H & S
Kevin Lawrence
Clapham Yd H&S co-opt
Keith Allden
Clapham Yd LDC co-opt
Sean Spacey
Union Learning Rep
Daniel Rice
Colour key :
Year 1 (3 year term)
Year 2 (3 year term)
Year 3 (3 year term)
1 year term
Union Learning term commences in May... All other terms start on the 1st of January...