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2012 LDC Election address by Terry Edwards

Photo of Terry Edwards

My name is Terry Edwards and I would like to ask for your support in the forthcoming LDC election, to continue to represent the drivers at Waterloo.

I have represented drivers at Waterloo for the past seven years as both a co-op and full time rep.

I have always endeavoured to protect our terms and conditions, and represent drivers to the best of my ability. I have successfully represented many drivers at hearings for SMD, attendance, and removal from driving, accommodation and form 1 hearings. I have also scrutinised diagrams and complied rosters.

Waterloo is very important to me as a driver and as a rep and my driving force will always be to ensure that the drivers at Waterloo get the best representation that they can.

I am not afraid to speak my mind and to tell people things they don't always want to hear but it will always be with their best interests at heart. Like us all I am not infallible and have made mistakes, but have always tried to learn from them. I never presume to know it all and will always listen to constructive arguments and criticism.

The next few years will be challenging for us as a grade and as a depot, and I am ready and I feel able to meet these challenges with you and on your behalf.

I would like to hope that in the last 7 years I have demonstrated my commitment to you and Waterloo as a depot. Therefore I am asking for your support in the upcoming LDC election.

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