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LDC (casual vacancy) Election 2012

Three nominations were received at the October branch meeting for one Drivers LDC casual vacancy position. The three year term originally commenced on the 1st of January 2012 and was held by Dave Gunningham until his sad and untimely death. This election is for the remainder of that term.

The election will be held by private ballot (sealed box) on

Monday the 5th of November 2012

Nominees have been invited to leave an election address but DO note that this is not a requirement. Those that submit an election address must do so by the 2nd of November. Any nominee that submits an election address, their name will be shown in green and you can then click their picture to read it.
Noel AllenPhoto of Richard Brookes Photo of Dave Johnson
Noel Allen Richard Brookes Dave Johnson

Waterloo Nine Elms branch members have two chances to cast their vote ;
The nominee who receives the highest number of votes will go forward as the official ASLEF candidate for Waterloo Drivers LDC casual vacancy, to see out the term ending 31st of December 2014.

Warning!: Only enter a single X by your choice to make your selection on the ballot paper.
More than one cross or any other mark (including a tick) will render the ballot paper spoilt